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Elegance Woodworking

Elegance Woodworking About us

Meet Tamara & Rosen

Elegance Woodworking was established in 2022 by a married couple who share a profound love for woodworking.


Rosen  is a proficient builder and creator of all our products, while Tamara brings over a decade of customer service experience in the hospitality industry. He is passionate about woodworking and is always looking for ways to learn and improve his skills and craft. 


Tamara role  customer service, communication and marketing.


What began as a modest hobby in their garage has now flourished into a fully-fledged workshop. What started out as a side hobby and love for woodworking in our home garage has turned into a dream come true for us to work together and start our own woodworking business.

We design and build a diverse range of wooden party props for event planners, all with a clean and elegant aesthetic. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including design, hire, and build for event backdrops.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality handcrafted and cnc machine wood products along with excellent customer service. We want you to have a smooth experience when it comes to customizing and ordering our products.

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