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Props: Items hired out by the owner to the hirer

Owner: Elegance Woodworking Ltd.

Hirer/Customer: Persons hiring props from Elegance Woodworking Ltd.

Quotation: this refers to the email sent out the client with the total price

1.Hire Period: 

The hire period for all items which are supplied by Elegance Woodworking Ltd. will be 1 day. Any extension to the hire period must be agreed with Elegance Woodworking Ltd. owners. Please ask for a quotation for longer periods of hire.

Elegance Woodworking agrees to hire the items to the customer for the period of hire stated on the invoice agreement.

The items shall at all times remain the property of Elegance Woodworking Ltd. The customer is solely responsible for the items during the hire period from the time of delivery/collection until the items are collected/returned and accepted back into the possession of Elegance Woodworking Ltd.



Elegance Woodworking Ltd. reserves the right to periodically adjust pricing, and any future orders and bookings shall be charged at the prices in effect at the time when the future order is placed.

Prices given in a Quotation are valid for 5 days from the date of the quotation.

Quotations are based on a one-day Hire Period. Although, Clients can request for an extended Hire Period at an additional charge, and this must be confirmed with Elegance Woodworking Ltd in writing. The total price must be paid in full by the specified date in the invoice.

3.Use of Equipment

All equipment must be used in a safe manner, taking into account any instructions supplied with the equipment. No responsibility is accepted by Elegance Woodworking Ltd. for injury or damage to any party/equipment caused by improper use.


Loss or damage to any items will be charged for and deducted accordingly.  If you break or damage any prop items, we will invoice you for any extra cost and this must be paid within 10 working days. Please be aware water/drinks spillages will be deductible if the items need re-painting.

The props must be, at all times, in a weatherproof area away from dust, mud, mildew, rain, damp, wind or snow. Props must not be left outside overnight.

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure all items are returned in the condition received. In the event that any prop item has been destroyed, lost, stolen, damaged or not returned, the Client will be charged the cost of replacing or fixing any items and/or their security bond will not be returned.

Props that are stolen, lost or not returned, will be charged the purchase price and not the hire price.


Elegance Woodworking Ltd.  will accept NO responsibility for damage or injury to persons or property as a result of this hire arrangement.

Elegance Woodworking Ltd. does not have public liability insurance which covers damage/injury once they have been delivered.

Hirer is responsible for any injury that may occur to persons over the hire period

In any event the limit of Elegance Woodworking Ltd. will not exceed the hire contract value.



Prop items that can be collected and returned by the Client. For instances where this is case the following terms also apply:

All props are carefully packaged for the Client on the collection date. The Client is to ensure that they are returned carefully repackaged back to Elegance Woodworking Ltd with due care in their original bubble wrap, boxes or packaging.

Damages will be inspected upon collection or return of props and Elegance Woodworking Ltd. reserves the right to charge the Client if any new damages are found.


For your peace of mind we strongly recommend that you take out suitable insurance as all items are the responsibility of the hirer until collected by/returned to Elegance Woodworking Ltd.. Any loss, damage or breakage will be charged accordingly. 

8. Hiring process:

Elegance Woodworking Ltd. and hirer will always sign a written document about the items are out for hire with all the information required. ( name , address, copy of ID , total cost , deposit amount , hiring time )

Elegance Woodworking will always ask to deposit the amount of the item purchase price to cover the loss in any case item will not be returned. Deposit will be refunded on the day items returned.  

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